Monday, August 29, 2011

Super Super Deal

Today I got Once Upon A Princess and Give A Hoot for $2.99 from Joann's. The price online was $2.99 but they were sold out so I called and asked if they price match their website and she said yes so I ran to Joann's and got them for $2.99. Yay me!!!!!!


Cricut Couple said...

Holy Cow! I don't have a J's near by, but my Aunt is gonna go by there tomorrow for me! Thanks for the heads up!

Amy E said...

I went and looked on Joann's website last night and found the deal you were talking about and got super excited! I called my local Joann's this morning to ask if they would prie match, and the manager said yes, but went to verify, and said they had changed the prices so she couldn't do it for $2.99. I went online and found the same deals on a different page on their site, called her back, told her where they were listed, and she put me on hold for about 10 minutes. While I was holding, I paged through to see if there were any other cartridged priced like that other than the four, then went back to the page I was on to wait. She came back on the phone after about 10 minutes and said she couldn't find the $2.99 price. She said she was on the phone with their customer service line, and that they said it must have been kept in my computer's cookies. I told her it wasn't because I had been refreshing the page. She told me to refresh again, and I did. The $2.99 price was gone and they were $34.99. Hmmm fishy?? Grrr!

PS. Thanks for becoming a follower!!!!

Amy E.

Jodie R said...

I was able to get this deal too! I was so happy!!!