Monday, January 23, 2012

Got a SmashBook

Hey everyone. I just bought a pink Smashbook and have a question for everyone who has one. I am really excited to start but I'm also a little intimidated in starting it because I'm not sure what to put in it, I want it to be good but I'm not sure want to put in it. So my question is, what type of stuff do you put in yours?

Thanks if you can help/

Also please come back tomorrow or Wednesday (science fair time and trying to finish it up) because I have a new toy to share.

Have a good day!!


Annette said...

My kids(16 and 12)have smashbooks and love them. The items they put in are different. Some things are stamps from across the world, tix stubs, special quotes, pictures from different events. The main thing to remember: it is your book and what ever you choose will be great because it is yours. Most that I have seen follow this premise. I saw one book where the person did a 2 page spread on different favorite items. It was really cute. Have fun!

Carolyn said...

Hi, You can put in things you want to do, favorite quotes you like, favorite songs ect, Have a good time.

Amy E said...

I was a little intimidated when I got my first Smashbook about what to put in it too. I did one with just tons of old concert ticket stubs with little blurbs of what I remember about each one.

Just a few days ago, I joined a Facebook group called SMASH*aholics. It's an open group so anyone can join. They are AWESOME!! I have learned so much in just the few days I've been on there! They post pics of their pages and have the greatest ideas! If you're on Facebook, I HIGHLY recommend you check them out!