Monday, September 5, 2011

Butterfly Bookmark

Over the last few days my husband have been going to different Border's store because everything is 60-80% off, so I have been buying a lot of books even though I usually read my books on my Ipad I could not refuse the cheap prices of the books. So since I have so many books to read I decided I needed a bookmark.

For it I just used the Imagine More cartridge. I used the bookmark image and separated it and changed the main background imagine to the orange color (it looks pink on the screen). The 2 pieces that make the book parts are cut at 4.0 true/ 5.1 real, the words spread is .03/1.9, your .03/1.8, wings .03/2.0, the butterfly is 1.8 true,3.8 real, the polka dots background for the spread your wings is 1.5 real/1.8, the blue oval is 1.0/1.8 and the flower border is .6/.6.

 I cut more things then I needed to check the sizing and to see what I liked best.

Hope you like it and give it a try.


gshrader said...

Really cute bookmark! Might have to try this! said...

Love it