Sunday, September 4, 2011

Monogram Coaster

Hi everyone, sorry I didn't get to post yesterday, I'm out of town and yesterday's hotel didn't have internet but today's hotel do so here I am.

Today's project are monogram coasters I made for my kitchen that is blue and brown and I made 6.

ceramic tiles, 4 1/4 paper squares, cork sheets, modge podge, foam brush, winter woodlands cartridge, clear acrylic sealer, 3 1/4 inch circles,  and 2 inch circles
First with foam brush put modge podge on the tiles.
Second place the paper on the tiles.
Third cut out all the circles and letters (or you can just do this before you start your project). Then up the pieces together.
Now place a layer of another layer of modge podge on top of the paper.
Next put the monogram on the wet modge podge.
The next step is to put another layer on top of the monogram layer.
This is what it should look like now.
Now it time for the hot glue. There are two things that I learn about doing this part. 1. you should attach the cork first and 2. Don't try to put glue on all four corners then try put the cork down cause the glue will dry and not stick. So do one corner at a time.
The cork on the back.
Lastly put two coats of acrylic sealer and this is what you should have.

I hope you like it and hope you will take the time to make these for you kitchen table or coffee table.


ScrappinGirl said...

What a great idea! These are so adorable, I will be trying to make these as soon as I can find the time. And I love that polka dot paper.

Amy E said...

This would be a great idea for a Christmas gift!!

Amy E.

Kim Horlander said...

These are wonderful! Thanks for the great directions.

gshrader said...

These are great! Such a great idea! Definitely a good christmas or even housewarming present!
Thanks for sharing the directions

Snowmanlover said...

WOW!! I love this!! Is that "B" for Barb!! LOL! VERY talented!!!!

Tracie said...

LOVE Them...totally need to do some of these!!! said...

Love it!!!!